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So, I went on another date last week and in his post-date review LondonNeil wrote: “Linn is just something special. She’s tall, very smart, very well stacked and totally uninhibited. And she’s definitely a Lady…”

Why, thank you, Neil. Naturally, I’m thrilled by the feedback, but you can’t sweet-review your way into my skirts or my party. 😉

Totally uninhibited and definitely a lady – polar opposites in a very well-stacked package. Hmm. This brings me back to a problem I’ve had all my life. Choice. To be one or the other? Have one or the other? I hate having to choose! Why can’t I just be both? Have both? Or someone who could choose for me? Never mind, I already know the answer to that question, but I digress.

It swings in other ways too this either/or thing. Yes, I’m a lady. I have all the qualities you would expect to find in one. Manners, education, intelligence, breeding, and the right upbringing. The ability to be the perfect hostess and the perfect guest. All brains and books. I can’t even begin to imagine how frightfully boring my life would be if that was all there was to me. All I was. A dating doll. A dinner prop.

See, underneath all of that lady stuff, I am also a whole lotta woman. Yes, ’tis true, I am totally uninhibited. I’m in love with my body and I have a high sex drive. I know what I want and I know how to get it. I aim to please and take pleasure in all sorts of “sinful” activities.

In that respect, I’m a very lucky girl. I don’t have to choose. I’m comfortable enough in who I am, and what I do, to be able to express both sides of me. I get to be the educated professional and the sex goddess in the same package. And the response I get is – on the whole – wonderful!

Sure, I’ve dated my fair share of frogs of the non-princely kind, and I’ve met a number of scary creeps over the years. So has every woman who’s been on more than a handful dates. The vast majority of men I’ve met have been lovely. But guess what? It’s not enough for you to be lovely. It’s not enough for you to say something sweet about me. See, I did my homework and figured my shit out. I got to the bottom of who I am, what I want and what I need in a (sexual) partner. Can you say the same?

If you want to be my man, you gotta be My Man. Not all the time, mind you, but when we’re together you’re mine. I want to feel your arms around me and your breath against my skin. Your hands cupping my breasts. I want your fingers to tease my nipples and your hard cock to spread pre cum all over me. And most of all I want to see the truth in your eyes. I want to know, and feel, that you want me, and that I’m about to get all of you.

What you’d get in return? Me. If you were mine, I’d do anything in my power to please you. I’d make you fuck me until you’d given me every last drop of you. Then I’d talk to you, charm you and dazzle you with all my lady-like graces until you were ready to do it all over again.

And that’s why this lady is a tramp.

But it’s still not all that I am. The question is whether you have what it takes to dig even deeper. To the very core of my being where the essence of me is waiting. There’s a tiny part of me that hopes you’re the one who will find her, yet I already know you’re not.

So, I can dance with you, baby, even flirt a little maybe, but let’s be honest, Neil… You’re far too sweet for this old tramp. You did secure a spot on the list though, and I know a few ladies who’d be thrilled to make your acquaintance. If you play your cards right, I might even introduce you to them. See you Saturday!

Love & Lust,

//Linn x


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Linn Lindström is a Swedish sex kitten whose curiosity once led her to attend a swingers’ party in London. Soon after, she found herself in charge of a number of chat forums, discussion groups and websites dedicated to the promotion of a safe playground for sociable sex larpers.

A diva of delight, Linn can exude a sex appeal that is off the charts. Like Freya, the goddess of love and beauty, she loves to indulge in physical sensations and anything that involves more than two senses. She is a typical Libra and may come across as cool, calm, or even aloof, but once relaxed she is incredibly playful, passionate and romantic. Though she’d never admit the latter!

Linn loves storytelling, music, Life, crafting and chocolate, and she is particularly partial to mental fireworks. She needs a lover who can make her think less and feel more, but only the brave need apply.


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