- Linn Rhinehart,  SIR & PET



So often, people seem to think that a D/s relationship is all about sex and whips and punishments, but for me it is so much more. It’s about Love and Life and Accountability and knowing that there is someone in your life who will keep you safe and sound come what may. It’s knowing that you will do the same in return and cherish them for who they are and what they mean to you. It’s togetherness. It’s the ultimate partnership.

One of the many things master helps us with is accountability. When Life overwhelms us, as it has been doing lately, we have a tendency to batten down the hatches and just focus on surviving. It helps us cope, but it’s not a healthy coping mechanism. Not really.

This year has brought many firsts to our life, and this winter seems to be following the same pattern. Pet’s daily schedule is just adding another first to the list. We need to make it through this season even though it will be full of things that both scare and upset us. 

So, we have a plan.

No news for pet, unless Sir deems it necessary. In which case, we will check it out together or he will feed me the TL/DR.

Each free day, i.e. days with no doctor’s visits or other stoopid disruptions, will be divided into three slots: Morning, Afternoon and Evening.


Each morning, from waking up until Sir’s lunch and meds time, will be dedicated to our writing. *grumbles* Sir says pet hafta write too, not just Linn. The only other activities we are allowed in the morning are teas, snuggles and naps. And talking to master, of course.

Our afternoons begin after our lunch nap, if we have one, and end when Sir starts to prep dinner and pet has our afternoon nap. Afternoons are our admin time where we’re editing, catching up with our backlog items and doing all sorts of secretarial and administrative duties needed. Again, permissible side activities are teas, snuggles, naps, and talking to master.

The evening slot is free and negotiable. It can be used for fun stuff, for more day work or for something to keep our mind from spinning out of orbit. It’s also a time for more teas, snuggles and talks, of course, until master says it’s time to go to bed.

Hopefully, by the end of this seven-week period, we’ll be able to assess and evaluate and see if this is something we want to keep doing. But for now, pet needs this restriction of our time and the accountability involved in showing Sir what we’ve done. Or what we’re doing, if he decides to check on us. It brings us peace and allows us to rest in what we’re doing, instead of worrying about all the things we could be doing instead. And about what’s going on in the big scary world outside our cage.

Master keeps us safe and happy even when the world around us is anything but. Me’s very, very lucky.



Pet is one of the main characters in Pet’s Penance. As Linn Rhinehart’s softer, more vulnerable alter ego, pet shares most of her interests, as well as her passion for storytelling, music, crafting, tea and chocolate. She is incredibly playful, passionate and romantic, but pet also has an irreverent grump side that comes out when she doesn’t want to do something or when she believes hoomins are stoopid and mean.

Owned by Maddox Rhinehart, pet wears the clothes he picks out for her, eats the food he chooses, goes to bed when he says so, and is happiest when she gets to sit on his lap or in her pet bed by his feet. She does not identify as a particular animal, and has no interest in pet paraphernalia. Pet does, however, love master’s ear scratches and to be tied up or caged by him.

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