Hi Dave here just checking what this group thing I’ve heard mentioned is all about. Is it worth paying for a memberhip? Say hi and be nice Linn.

Well, let me get a few things straight. First of all, you’re not my dom, Dave, so you don’t get to tall me what to do. But for the record, I’m always nice! 😉

The group thing you’ve heard mentioned is all about giving people a chance to meet and talk in a safe and supportive environment. The ceiling is hight, and we practice an anything goes as long as it’s consensual and the tone is friendly and open-minded kind approach.

Interest groups can be a great way of getting to know people, and if you’re hoping for live action you’re chances are vastly improved if you’re a member and give people a chance to get to know you.

It takes some interaction, of course. You can’t just pay for a membership and expect to get sex on tap. You need to join in the talk, flirt a little where possible, and give people a chance to see something in you they might like.

But, Dave, mate… I just checked your profile…

Listen up, man, cos auntie X is about to give you a free first lesson in how to improve your chances of finding fucks online.

As a man, you are basically facing a 10:1 ratio of men to women. That makes Internet dating, regardless of intended outcome, very Darwinian in its nature. Only the fittest of the fittest will survive. Hang on, that’s not Darwin – it’s Bob Marley! Oh, well, the point still stands.

Luckily, online “fitness” is different from real life fitness.

      1. You need a pic on your profile! And no, knob shots are not that popular amongst the ladies. Be creative.
      2. You need to say something about yourself. This is simple advertising. Ask yourself the question why a woman should choose you. Then make sure to tell her why in your profile. You need to create an interest in yourself.

Now, let’s return to your question about the groups and explain why becoming a member may be a good idea.

Labouring under the assumption that you’re a decent sorta bloke, someone who who can hold your own and engage in a social exchange of pleasantries without getting creepy, here’s the secret sauce. The more people get to know you, the more likely that they want to hang with you. And this is where us sex larpers differ from vanilla peeps. We like to fuck our friends.

As a member, you get to advertise yourself and make new friends. The more info you stick on your profile, the greater the chance of a meet. We like to see responses to the additional questions, we like to see your purity score, and we don’t want to see a lot of “prefer not to say.” But that’s not all.

You also get a chance to know more about us. Let’s say you spotted Marie, one of our ladies, in a bar somewhere. You like the look of her but have no idea who she is, what she likes and whether she’s even interested in playing. Now imagine you meet Marie in the group. 

Whether you are the one talking to her or you’re just watching her interaction with someone else, you’ll get to know things about her. What does she like? What makes her laugh? Does she attend parties to play or to meet up with the group? 

And this is also why we enforce the rules and follow the stringent vetting protocol. It’s not enough to pay a fee, you need to make it through the hoops too. The reason why people talk about our group as if it is something else is because it is. And this is why. 

It’s not easy to get an invite, but for those who do it’s well worth it. I would love to be able to offer a free fore all, but unfortunately that’s not possible and every attempt we have made to lower the bar has been a disaster.

You do not have to be a member to join us at a party, but you do need to survive a date with me and convince me that you’re the kind of person we’d like to have fun with.

Hope that helps.

Love & Lust,

//Linn x


Linn is a Swedish sex kitten whose curiosity led her to attend a sex party on the bdsm, kink and swinging scene in London. Soon after, she found herself in charge of a number of forums, discussion groups and websites dedicated to the promotion of a safe playground for sociable sex larpers.

A diva of delight, Linn can exude a sex appeal that is off the charts. Like Freya, the goddess of love and beauty, she loves to indulge in physical sensations and anything that involves more than two senses. She is a typical Libra and may come across as cool, calm, or even aloof, but once relaxed she is incredibly playful, passionate and romantic. Though she’d never admit the latter!

Linn loves storytelling, music, Life, crafting and chocolate, and she is particularly partial to mental fireworks. She needs a lover who can make her think less and feel more, but only the brave need apply. 

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