As promised Linn, here goes: Ms Einstein, the brilliant lecturer on such trivial matters as “How to find information on a public forum,” scheduled this particular newbie in for a pre-party date.

Well yesterday was the day and much as I would really love to be able to say that she lived right up to her wicked witch image, sadly (no, actually delightfully) I can report that I have never enjoyed an evening so much.

Thanks babes for talking AND listening!

That’s part 1 done. Now I need to see those beautiful nails in action. Roll on the 22nd and who knows?

– boz

Holihell, boz, didn’t I tell you not to go blowing my cover?! I have a reputation to maintain, and you telling people you’ve never enjoyed an evening this much is causing me irreparable damage and loss of my hard earned street cred. Cease and desist, lad!

Besides, gushing like this is not doing you any favours either. People may think you’ve lived a very sad life… 😉

Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever spent an evening with a man who was gazing more at my nails than my tits, but I suppose there’s always a first for everything. But I digress.

Having passed your initial interview, I now refer you to the Market Research Department for test drives.

Final test results to be published after the next board meeting.

Love & Lust,

//Linn x


Linn is a Swedish sex kitten whose curiosity led her to attend a sex party on the bdsm, kink and swinging scene in London. Soon after, she found herself in charge of a number of forums, discussion groups and websites dedicated to the promotion of a safe playground for sociable sex larpers.

A diva of delight, Linn can exude a sex appeal that is off the charts. Like Freya, the goddess of love and beauty, she loves to indulge in physical sensations and anything that involves more than two senses. She is a typical Libra and may come across as cool, calm, or even aloof, but once relaxed she is incredibly playful, passionate and romantic. Though she’d never admit the latter!

Linn loves storytelling, music, Life, crafting and chocolate, and she is particularly partial to mental fireworks. She needs a lover who can make her think less and feel more, but only the brave need apply. 

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