Every now and then someone asks me where it all began. Why sex and erotica? Well, there are many reasons, and many different events, that have lead me here, but this particular site began with me wanting to chronicle my sexplorations in a new country.

Then I made a post about my first encounters with black men here. Or rather, my first experiences with black men showing positive interest in me. That was so far removed from all my precious experiences that I had no idea how to deal with it.

As is often the case, one thing lead to another and the lady was invited to a themed party at an adult club here in London. I discussed it with the Man of the Moment (who wasn’t able ro come) and decided to be a big girl and go on my own.

I was nervous the whole week before the party. With two days to go, I complained bitterly to the MoM about how absolutely impossible it was to work out how to dress for the occasion. I mean, what do you wear?! Luckily, MoM is a rational man when it comes to handling my freakier moods, so he sorted my party dress out and saw to it that I was out of excuses.

Not gonna lie – I have always expected sex clubs to be seedy places, and I would rather die than sticking an “available” sign to my forehead and walk into a room full of horny men expecting to get pussy on tap. As I opened the door to enter the club, I thought of Dante and said “Abandon every hope, ye who enter here”.

Once inside I was met by the host, had my jacket and bag taken care of, and was shown into the lounge. There I met my favourite site-girls and was so excited about seeing them in flesh for the first time that everything else faded away. I was taken on a grand tour of the venue and then we sat down for drinks. It was no different from being in my local. Well, apart from the fact that I had my nipples smeared with some fruity stuff and ceremoniously licked clean again… =)

The angle of the party was black guys who are into white chicks, and it was a veritable praline parade! Or all you can eat black man buffet as the host put it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that leve of objectification than – and I’m still not – but I figured it wasn’t my place to decide how other people choose to label themselves and left it at that. 

So, how did it all pan out? Well, I arrived intent on keeping my clothes on, and that I did. But I also came with my clothes on. Again, and again, and again…

My “initiation ritual” as I entered the Dark Side was fun, friendly and extremely erotic. I owe special thanks to BP, my personal Virgil, who ventured down this road with me and made me feel safe and comfortable through it all. And another to the girls and the MoM who talked me into going in the first place. Love you all!

Unlike Cinders, I found my lost shoe in the wolf’s hour and made my way home through a sleepy Sunday morning London. As I finally cuddled up in my own bed, feeling like I had been hit by a train, I realised that I couldn’t remember when I last had so much fun in one night.

So, for those of you who haven’t really got past that stage where you have challenged your fears, hang-ups or inhibitions – get to it guys! And enjoy… 

Love and lust,

//Linn x


Linn is a Swedish sex kitten whose curiosity led her to attend a sex party on the bdsm, kink and swinging scene in London. Soon after, she found herself in charge of a number of forums, discussion groups and websites dedicated to the promotion of a safe playground for sociable sex larpers.

A diva of delight, Linn can exude a sex appeal that is off the charts. Like Freya, the goddess of love and beauty, she loves to indulge in physical sensations and anything that involves more than two senses. She is a typical Libra and may come across as cool, calm, or even aloof, but once relaxed she is incredibly playful, passionate and romantic. Though she’d never admit the latter!

Linn loves storytelling, music, Life, crafting and chocolate, and she is particularly partial to mental fireworks. She needs a lover who can make her think less and feel more, but only the brave need apply. 

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