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I will fuck you whenever I want, pet. However I want. And do you know why?

Because it feeds both of us. My pleasure feeding you. Your fulfillment feeding me.

– Maddox Rhinehart, Pet’s Penance


Meet illustrious erotica author Maddox Rhinehart and his disabled editor, Linn Lundell. It’s three weeks before Christmas, and they are in New York, about to board a ship to London, where they will attend the yearly erotica convention. This is the place where they first met, and they have both made secret plans to mark the anniversary. Unfortunately for pet, she breaks one of the fundamental rules of their engagement before they leave and will have to serve a penance to make things right again.

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Maddox and Linn are a dynamic power exchange duo in a full-time D/s relationship. They are also business partners who travel the world together to promote his books and build their brand. He is her Master – she’s his pet. She is his personal assistant – he’s hers.

Linn Rhinehart writes sweet’n’spicy spoonie smut – erotic fantasies and romantic erotica with disabled, chronically ill, and non-normative main characters. In Pet’s Penance, she has written herself into a story that is one part autobiography, one part autoethnography, and one part romantic erotica.

“I love the structure of it. The lengthy section of mutual washing and care is just so different and sweet. It moves it to a whole different level. I think it’s something unique, unlike anything I’ve ever come across, and I think it’s a really important addition. You have to go back to Anaïs Nin. It’s that level of nuanced sexual emotion. I mean, it’s perfect, and it’s a little jewel, but I. WANT. MORE!


The holiday season is here, but not even the Christmas lights can spark much joy in Linn Lundell this gloomy Wednesday morning. Between Maddox leaving her in a bit of a huff, one of her sons urging her to quit her job, and an unparalleled level of sexual frustration, she’s like an old pressure cooker on the verge of a massive explosion.

As Maddox Rhinehart’s personal assistant, Linn spends most of the year living out of a suitcase. Sitting in a swanky New York hotel room, she’s battling brain fog, anxiety and an uncooperative body, but she has a long list of things to do before they can check out. Unfortunately, the only thing she wants to do is not on the list, but she’s hoping he’ll be back for lunch. Or, better yet, with lunch.


He had failed. His pet ran herself ragged, and he’d heard it in her voice, but didn’t see it for what it was. As far as Maddox is concerned, it means that he’s failed in his duty of care. He should have paid more attention, but the truth is they’ve both been under a lot of pressure lately. Her breaking a rule was his wake-up call, and he can’t find it in himself to punish her too harshly. That said, pets need structure and stability from their owners, so he’ll have to set her some kind of penance.

Just like Linn is his personal assistant, Maddox is hers. She’s disabled and depends on him to handle her daily care, and to make the right decisions for them as a couple. He depends on her to handle the daily running of their business, and to make the right decisions for them as partners. Making his way back to her through a busy Manhattan, a tray full of festive treats in his hand, Maddox knows exactly what his pet needs. What they both need. And it’s not just lunch…

“If you thought erotica was just fluff think again: a psychologically complex MC whose disability is a part, not all of her. Unblinkingly realistic, with a sparky, charismatic voice that shines off the page. All this and sex too! Brava!”


You are going to be sorely disappointed if you picked up this book expecting to find a story about doormat subs or abusive alpha male Doms. The same applies if you were looking for fetishized disability or pet play that includes a lot of bdsm paraphernalia. Sorry, it’s not that kind of book.

This is a slice-of-life, romantic erotica featuring a loving, consensual Master/pet relationship with elements of bdsm and kink. In particular, it mentions human pet play, discipline and punishments, orgasm denial, rough sex, light sadism and masochism, free use and safewords. All characters are consenting adults and there’s no abuse involved. There is, however, a scene where a character who doesn’t enjoy what happens to them uses their safeword.

Linn, aka pet, is a wheelchair user with a degenerative disease and several comorbidities. She struggles with chronic pain and anxiety due to her illness. She needs help with all activities of daily living, but doesn’t like to admit this. When Linn feels emotional, vulnerable or overwhelmed, she slides into her pet space.

If spelling and grammar can make you irrationally angry – be warned. In line with D/s convention, pet’s name is consistently spelt without a capital p, and Linn loves to embellish her texts with Oxford commas. Furthermore, she speaks British (London) English and occasionally she’ll add the odd Swedish word or expression. Maddox, speaks American English, but he does use some of her words if he likes them. This is reflected in the writing.

There are also profanities, smut and what some may consider inappropriate behaviour throughout this story. 


Pet play is a type of role play where a person, who identifies as a pet, may be owned or cared for by a handler. It falls under the D/s and master/slave domains of BDSM and is, like all kinks, 100% customisable. Different people may have different ideas of what pet play means to them, but generally speaking, the pet is a person who enjoys being cared for while taking a break from the pressures of responsible adulting.

Linn is a human pet. She does not identify as a particular animal, and she has no interest in pet paraphernalia. She is owned by Maddox and largely dependent on him. He feeds her, manages her personal health and hygiene, and keeps her safe and protected. She wears the clothes he picks out for her, eats the food he chooses, goes to bed when he says so, and is happiest when she gets to sit on his lap or in her pet bed by his feet.

“I love it, it’s pacey, the voice is strong and engaging, the scenario is original and fun as well as thought provoking. Honestly, the delivery/register/voice hits a bit like a really good American writer – somewhere between Salinger, Gaiman and Easton-Ellis. It’s literary in its crafting.”


This book is a work of fiction and not a handbook in bdsm. Maddox and Linn have been active kinksters for a very long time and their relationship is based on a level of trust that can take many years to achieve.

There is no right or wrong way to practice Dominance and submission, as long as there is some kind of safeguarding protocol in place. All involved must have given their active, enthusiastic consent and be free to withdraw it at any point of play.

Please, do not engage in bdsm activities without proper education, training and preparation. Sex larping is like an extreme sport and should be treated as such to avoid injuries, and to keep our community safe for all involved.



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  • Romantic Erotica
  • Disability Romance


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Her sudden movement drew my attention. “Mmmmmm,” she hummed as she rubbed against my arm. I scratched her ear, and she nuzzled my hand. Shifting myself down the bed, she met me with a sleepy smile the way she always does. She crawled on top of me, kissed a nipple and ran her fingers through my hair. I put my arms around her and began to massage her back and ass, working my fingers deep into the flesh to help with her morning stiffness. I let her wake slowly in my arms and hit the intercom button for the concierge.

“This is Billy, how may I help you?”

“We are ready for our tea.”

“Yes, sir.” The intercom shut off. The stateroom was outrageously expensive, but worth every penny. Crossing the pond twice a year is the closest to taking a vacation we ever get, so this is our time to unwind and relax. Soon a tea tray was delivered, and pet buried her face in my chest when the steward came in, but as soon as he left, she shifted around eager for tea.

“Tea!” She beamed.

I grinned. “She can speak, it’s a miracle!” I couldn’t see her face, but I could feel the change in her that said the expression was not one you’d expect from a pet towards her revered master. That made me grin even more, and I was glad she couldn’t see it. It might give her ideas, and she already has plenty of those.

The tea came with egg and cheese sandwiches using a nice, Danish cheese that, to my chagrin, I couldn’t remember the name of. Oh, bloody hell, just enjoy it, I thought. I ate mine as I watched pet change into Linn. I could see it in her body language and hear it even in the smallest noises she made. She sat up to eat, sitting just a little bit apart so she could move her arms without nudging me. Pet is always wrapped around me, or curled up as close as she can possibly get, and she’d rather go hungry than let go.

When we’d finished our breakfast, I ran my hand up her arm and she kissed my fingers. “Time to start our day,” I said. The pout appeared at the approximate speed of an instant.

“Nooo, me no wanna start.” Pet was back. It was expected, but faster than usual. “We’s on vay-cay-shun,” she continued, waving her index finger at me.

“Vacation from work, pet, not from life.”

She sighed in response, slid down the bed and pulled the blanket over her head.

Breathe and count, Maddox. Breathe and count. One, two, three… “And you expect from this what, pet?”

The sing-song of a Swedish nursery rhyme came from under the covers. The tune was familiar, but she had changed the lyrics to include “little master.” Judging by the sound of her giggles, I’d better look that song up someday soon. I moved off the bed and walked around to her side, a relatively short task in this cabin, and fortunately, it wasn’t a long walk to the bathroom either.

“Peek-a-boo,” I said, and pulled the edge of the blanket down.

Her hair covered her face, but a glittering, mischievous eye peeked out at me. “Pet no here,” she said, looking well pleased with herself.

I stroked my chin. “Hmmmm, you do look like pet.”

“Cos me’s a pet too, silly. Your pet’s onna vacation.”

“You do sound like my pet.”

“Nope, pet far far away.” She nodded, looking serious. It was cute, but I knew better than to let her have her way. I pulled the rest of the blanket all the way down, pausing to tweak a pretty nipple. She giggled. Neither of us had gotten dressed, so I didn’t need to take anything off her.

“Now, sit up a bit and help me.”

She looked down and sighed again. “Yes, Sir.”


Linn Rhinehart writes sweet’n’spicy spoonie smut—erotic fantasies and romantic erotica with disabled, chronically ill, and non-normative main characters. A UK-based Swedish author, editor and writing coach, Linn has a background in media production, public relations and education.

Born with a degenerative disease that has rendered her unable to work, Linn has been a spoonie for longer than the term has existed. In Pet’s Penance, she draws on that experience and writes herself into a story that is part autobiography, part autoethnography, and part romantic bdsm-flavoured spoonie erotica. She is currently working on a second series and a few standalone shorts, but Pet shows up in most of them as there are some crossovers between all the characters and their storylines.

Linn likes to involve kink and BDSM in her stories as she feels that the community as a whole gets a lot of bad, and grossly unfair, representation both in literature and media. It is important to her to show that sex can be fun, and that a D/s dynamic can be a loving, consensual relationship based on mutual respect and equality.

She loves storytelling, tea, music, Life, crafting and chocolate, and she is particularly partial to
mental fireworks, physical sensations and anything that involves more than two senses. Linn writes her books together with her Sir Bear, Maddox Rhinehart.

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