Linn, you say you are large but I would not describe you as “large”. You are “ample”, or at most “a little extra padding”. That means you have a rounded, shapely physique, which is good. Large to me means grotesque, like the woman on the health farm in Little Britain. You are certainly not remotely like that.

I love your comments about slow lovemaking and having a lover who plays you like a virtuoso. I dream of having that level of skill and being that much in tune with my partner. To make a woman cum and cum and cum again… preferably while I hold back my own climax. There is nothing more erotic to me.

– Tone

Hey Tone, cheers for your kind words about my writing. As for the rest of it, let’s do this backwards… Of course, having a virtuoso lover is a bliss, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing that works. I’m a greedy girl, so I have more than one lover. (I am also a very honest girl, so they all know I don’t give or ask for exclusive rights.)

Only one of my current lovers is a virtuoso. That doesn’t make the others bad – only different. The first time I had sex with my virtuoso it felt as if we had spent years perfecting this concerto. It was amazing! Interestingly enough, he said the same thing. I guess with some people you’re just on the right frequency from start – with others it takes some tuning…

As for my size, honey, I get that you’re trying to pay me a compliment, but…

You know I prefer to call a spade a spade, and fat just means fat. It’s not another word for ugly. The whole female body fascism makes me sick. No, I don’t look like the woman in Little Britain, but I am still a big girl. I’m passionately in love with my body when it works. Close to forty, gravity has kicked in and pregnancies have moved certain bits about, but sex and sensuality have sod all to do with size or symmetry.

I’m perfectly happy being me, and thankfully for those of us who don’t conform to the standard normie shapes, there are enough omnivores out there for girls of all shapes and sizes to get all the attention they want.

How cool is that, eh? 

Puss & Kram,



Linn is a Swedish sex kitten whose curiosity led her to attend a sex party on the bdsm, kink and swinging scene in London. Soon after, she found herself in charge of a number of forums, discussion groups and websites dedicated to the promotion of a safe playground for sociable sex larpers.

A diva of delight, Linn can exude a sex appeal that is off the charts. Like Freya, the goddess of love and beauty, she loves to indulge in physical sensations and anything that involves more than two senses. She is a typical Libra and may come across as cool, calm, or even aloof, but once relaxed she is incredibly playful, passionate and romantic. Though she’d never admit the latter!

Linn loves storytelling, music, Life, crafting and chocolate, and she is particularly partial to mental fireworks. She needs a lover who can make her think less and feel more, but only the brave need apply. 

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