- Fanny Ingram-Bull,  FROLICS WITH FANNY



So this is me, Fanny, saying hello. I’m rather trembly right now, and not just because next doors have hired an extremely tasty gardener to perk up their shrubbery. I’m about to take my heart in my hands and lay myself bare – so to speak.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever be brave enough to share my writing with the world, but it’s true what they say: with friends, everything is possible. So I’m about to send out my first love letter to romance readers. 

‘Love Never Dies’ is a sad, dark little story about the pain of losing “the one” far too soon, and how impossible it feels to live with that kind of sorrow. But, as hopeless as it seems, love always finds a way, and there’s a happy ending that I hope will warm your heart.

I hope you like me and my fantasies enough to come and play. I always play nicely. Oh, and I have been told I need a newsletter, so if you sign up for Frolics with Fanny I promise I will write to you and tell you all about it. 

/Fanny 🫦


Everyone loves Fanny. She’s an angel with a dirty face and sticky fingers, though she scrubs up well enough, given a bubbly bath and the right company. By day she works in a certain High Street store known for the quality and sensible nature of its undies; by night she writes raunchy tales that largely involve ripping such items off. In her fantasies, she wears a lacy bodice and French knickers, or something tight and made of leather, depending on whether she’s an innocent maiden at court or a vengeful pirate queen. In reality – well, who cares about reality?

Come join Fanny in her frenzied fantasies? It’s always fun to play with new friends.

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