Everyone loves Fanny. She’s an angel with a dirty face and sticky fingers, though she scrubs up well enough, given a bubbly bath and the right company. By day she works in a certain High Street store known for the quality and sensible nature of its undies; by night she writes raunchy tales that largely involve ripping such items off. In her fantasies, she wears a lacy bodice and French knickers, or something tight and made of leather, depending on whether she’s an innocent maiden at court or a vengeful pirate queen. In reality – well, who cares about reality?

Come join Fanny in her frenzied fantasies? It’s always fun to play with new friends.


  • Gothic Romance
  • Dark Romance
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Bittersweet
  • Libertalia Tales: First Love
  • Released: 7 April, 2023


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