Oogle (v)

  1. To stare at a hot man who makes your knees weak, and your mouth drop. A man whose smile fills your stomach with butterflies and snakes.
  2. To watch or view something in amazement or disbelief.

Linn loves to oogle. She’s had plenty of opportunities to oogle in her life, and now she’s ready to tell her tales.

If you came here hoping for pornography and juicy details, you may be sorely disappointed. This is not really that kind of blog. These are tales about real people, with real feelings, living in the real world. Just like the characters in them, the tales are all real; but to protect the privacy of individuals, their names, places where things took place and the point in time when things went down have all been altered.

Linn’s oogles will probably make you laugh at times, but they may also trigger other feelings. Her tales and musings deal with some of the biggest issues in life: love, sex, friendship, betrayal, insecurities, racism, drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, swinging, bdsm, kink, politics, disability, history and culture. To mention but a few…

Fair warning: If you are easily offended, you may want to leave now and go find yourself a sweeter playground on the web. If you choose to stay – welcome! Kick your shoes off, make yourself comfortable, and allow us to lead you astray.

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